Network Manager, an innovative instrument developed by Logica that allows to control, supervise in any moment technical production time, machines stop etc., and manage hundreds machines simultaneously from your own office, with a simple PC connected to the LAN.

No other configurations or options are necessary on Network Manager, it’s enough to switch on machines connected to the LAN and it will immediately recognize them.

It’s possible to gather machines in various groups and subgroups and see and manage data of any group and subgroup.


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Network Manager has many other features:

  • Remote see and manage machine display from your own PC;
  • Receive the current working pattern from the machine;
  • Receive configuration file from the machine;
  • Send a new pattern to the machine, this one will be displayed on the machine monitor getting the possibility to the operator to load the new one on the machine;
  • Send a Firmware update to the machine that will be displayed on the machine monitor, letting possible to the operator to do it when he will consider it worthwhile;
  • See the folder where are saved all the machine pattern;
  • See and manage the current working queue, current working pattern, number of sheets set up, number of sheets already executed, number of sheets wasted, beginning date and time, estimated ending time, average working time for each sheet, etc.

All these feature can be managed from your own PC.

Another important features consist on the possibility to see each machine history, function that guarantee the possibility to do statistics studies on each machine, understanding which one can be the most or the less productive one. Machines will periodically send data to Network Manager and saved on the PC, available for consultations even when the machines are switched off.